This course is presented by Physician Entrepreneur, Dr. Debra Atkins , Owner of Atlanta MediSpa & Surgery Center, who has had numerous accolades by Modern Luxury, Atlantan Magazine, Jezebel Magazine, Atlanta Magazine, Plastic Surgery Products, Dermatology News, CBS news and other local news stations.

Physicians Aesthetic’s Academy offer the following:

Certified Allergan® Trainer, Injectable Courses

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*All of the courses must have an active provider license in order to have hands-on participation. If you wish to participate as a training model, please contact our office for more information.

Laser and Light Courses (5 Day)

In this course we will be providing laser and light curriculum and didactics so that, your hands-on training is coupled with in-depth scientific knowledge. With this knowledge you will be able to work on most any laser device with very little additional training.

Topics covered with hands-on experience:

  • Laser physics
  • Photo chemistry
  • Radio frequency lasers
  • Body contouring, light-based lasers
  • Skin-tightening
  • Light and radio frequency
  • Hair-removal, light and laser based
  • Tattoo removal
  • Vein treatment, light and laser based
  • Skin disorders such as: Solar lentigos, Poikilerderma, melasma
  • Anti-aging, light and lasers
  • Redness, light and lasers
  • Reticular face and leg veins
  • Telangiectasia, venus legs, hemangioma
  • CoolSculpting®

Our 2 week comprehensive laser and light courses with hand-on training is an employer’s favorite for new team members joining a busy medical spa, dermatology or plastic surgery office.

We also offer abbreviated “refresher” courses

  • Laser and Light Courses (3 Day)
  • Laser OR Light (1 Day)
  • Tattoo Removal (1 Day)
  • Radio Frequency (1 Day)
  • CoolSculpting (1 Day)

*Must have prior basic laser training

Medical Director Courses (3-5 Day)

Learn how to compete effectively in the aesthetic arena by honing qualities of leadership, guidance, oversight, protocols, and quality assurance in an aesthetic medical practice.

  • Laser safety officer
    • Supervising clinical teams on parameters as well as your responsibility
    • IPL and other non-ablative devices, patient safety, environmental needs and staff training
    • Ablative lasers, who should operate and why, staff training, and environmental needs
    • Offsite supervision and risk reviewed
    • CPR, if not already currently certified
    • Education training and appropriate leadership
  • Business Basics
    • Accounting
    • Financial management
    • Payroll and taxes
    • Budgeting to be profitable
    • Profit-sharing
    • Attract and retain high quality team members
    • Marketing and advertising budgets
    • Reputation management
    • Formation of aesthetic packages with large profitability margins
    • Much more…
  • Certification and qualifications
    • State dependent, however commonalities of all states will be discussed throughout the course
  • Leadership
    • Innovation
    • Training the team to be self-employed
    • Delegation and responsibility

Healthy Aging Courses (3-5 Day)

As we have reached the aging generation of baby boomers, so does the field of healthy aging. People are living longer and want to look and be their best as they reach every stage of life. At this time, the scientific literature is flowing with ways to remain active and viable at any stage. We have taken the scientific literature and have designed these courses that could benefit any aesthetic practice.

  • Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) basics
    • Low Testosterone
    • Pre-menopause, peri-menopause, menopause, post-menopause
  • Minimally skin lifting techniques
    • Combination modalities for maximum benefits (for example, radio frequency KYBELLA® Microdermabrasion packages)
  • Basic skincare and dermatology for every practioner and how to incorporate the aesthetician
  • Nutrition that benefits every stage of life in this ever changing field
  • Functional medicine, now recognized as a certification by the Mayo Clinic. What it is, how we compete and how to incorporate this into your medical practice.

Body Transformation Courses (3-5 Day)

Learn how to assess and recommend appropriate body transformation treatments that is appropriate for any shape and lifestyle. With new modalities entering the market so are treatment options. Learn how to combine proven scientific methods, tweeze out the hype and apply new applications for enhanced body contouring.

  • HCG Weight Loss
    • The basics, combinations with other therapy and medical risk
  • Responsible prescription weight-loss adjuncts
    • How and when to use responsibly
  • CoolSculpting® and SculpSure™ training
  • Exilis™ and Vanquish™ training
  • SmartLipo™ and other laser lipolysis overview

*All course materials will be provided. Courses are subject to change without notice.

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