This course is presented by Physician Entrepreneur, Dr. Debra Atkins , Owner of Atlanta MediSpa & Surgery Center, who has had numerous accolades by Modern Luxury, Atlantan Magazine, Jezebel Magazine, Atlanta Magazine, Plastic Surgery Products, Dermatology News, CBS news and other media outlets.

Physicians Aesthetics Academy offers the following courses to NP’s, PA’s, and RN’s advanced training and medical aesthetics. If you are looking to change careers and embrace this ever changing industry, call us today: 678-213-4443.

We are prepared to provide you with comprehensive academic science-based curriculums and hands-on training to our students. This formula when coupled with your training as a mid-level provider will prepare you to become an invaluable asset to your own or any medical practice.

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Why Choose Physicians Aesthetics Academy?

Because we will offer you more one-on-one instructional training as we limit our class size to no more than five people. When working in a small group, your questions as well as your hands on experience become more tailored to your individual needs and desires.

Certified Allergan® Trainer Injectible Courses

*All of the courses must have an active provider license in order to have hands-on participation. If you wish to participate as a training model, please contact our office for more information.

Introduction to Medical Terminology (1 Day)

  • How to talk our language
  • Effective charting for a medical setting

Anatomy and Physiology of Head and Neck (1 Day)

  • Things you need to know to perform at a higher level

Recognizing Skin Diseases and Disorders (2 Days)

  • Be an extra set of eyes for your practice
  • ABC’s… XYZ’s Learn the most common skin disorders

Acne and Acne Scarring Treatments (3 Days)

  • Ablative therapies
  • Chemical therapies
  • Light therapies
  • Safety
  • Scope of practice parameters
  • Integration of all the above

Microneedling and Dermaplaning Courses (1 Day)

  • Blade handling
  • Cryotherapy adjuncts
  • Plasma-rich proteins adjuncts
  • Where to add and how to properly perform these mechanical exfoliation treatments

Chemical Peeling (1-3 Days)

  • Alpha hydroxy acids, Beta hydroxy acids, Jessner’s, and TCA’s
  • Application techniques
  • Things to avoid
  • Hands-on training

Laser and Light Courses (5-10 Days)

dr atkins laser still


In this course we will be providing laser and light curriculum and didactics so that, your hands-on training is coupled with in-depth scientific knowledge. With this knowledge you will be able to work on most any laser device with very little additional training.

Topics covered with hands-on experience:

  • Laser physics
  • Photo chemistry
  • Radio frequency lasers
  • Body contouring, light-based lasers
  • Skin-tightening
  • Light and radio frequency
  • Hair-removal, light and laser based
  • Tattoo removal
  • Vein treatment, light and laser based
  • Skin disorders such as: Solar Lentigos, Poikiloderma, Melasma
  • Anti-aging, light and lasers
  • Redness, light and lasers
  • Reticular face and leg veins
  • Telangiectasia, Venus Legs, Hemangioma
  • CoolSculpting®

Our 2 week comprehensive laser and light courses with hand-on training is an employer’s favorite for new team members joining a busy medical spa, dermatology or plastic surgery office.

We also offer abbreviated “refresher” courses

  • Laser and Light Courses (3 Days)
  • Laser OR Light (1 Day)
  • Tattoo Removal (1 Day)
  • Radio Frequency (1 Day)
  • CoolSculpting® (1 Day)

*Must have prior basic laser training

Product Knowledge (1 Day)

  • Lotions and potions (what to look for)
  • Customizing products efficiently and effectively

Pre/Post Surgical Treatments (2 Days)

  • Advanced techniques that every surgeon wish that you knew

*All course materials will be provided. Courses are subject to change without notice.

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