Learn Business Marketing & Strategic Planning

Running a successful medical practice takes more than a great doctor. The need for administrative professionals to run the “ins and outs” of a practice are monumental, as is the proper training for said professionals. Our management-based courses provide business professionals with the tools necessary to run a successful practice. Topics include business management, profit goals, ROI strategies, marketing, SEO, leadership, and reputation management. There is no degree requirement for this course, however, basic business coursework and/or a bachelor’s degree in a related science is encouraged.

business marketing

Human Resources

  • Having the right team and the right seat on your team
  • Choosing the right team that shares the vision and not the benefits
  • Team building
  • Happy team equals happy patients


  • Device purchasing
  • Choosing vendors that partner
  • Return on investment procedures
  • Internet presence and cost


  • Planning a budget
  • Millennials
  • Digital versus traditional
  • Reputation
  • Team marketing
  • Pay-per-click
  • Social media


  • Spa director and responsibilities
  • Budgeting for departments
  • Team member personalities
  • Patient retention and satisfaction
  • 10 legal issues to avoid
  • Protecting your team, medical license, and patients

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